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Thomas Von Party – Ritmo [Party Central]

Thomas Von Party presents Ritmo the first cut of his upcoming mini LP on his own Party Central. A special track in collaboration with the Dominican singer / TV presenter / personality Mera De La Rosa. A catchy song with latin flavor like a jungle ritual in the middle of the Amazonas, organic and crazy to end the European summer in the hottest way possible.
This single arrives alongside 2 special remixes and a ‘trans mix’ by Thomas himself.
The first remix comes from the hand of the English acid legend Decius who converts the track in a hypnotic journey accelerating the bpm and carrying it to a lysergic landscape, one which envelops us, wet and irresistible.
The second is the work of the talented Mexican Tyu who pushes the boundaries melting the track into a magnetic and psychedelic field, with weird modulations this track sounds like Albert Hoffman would have been playing with new synthesizers.
To complete this beautiful trip we have the ‘trans mix’ in which you can find an infectious groove calling you to the dancefloor, sharp hi-hats flood the stage, ‘el ritmo’ enter into our veins, now it’s a blood matter.

This launch is without doubt a great prelude for what is to come, leaving us with the feeling that we can’t wait to hear it.

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