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Lfcndnc Premier + Review † Tremor & Soema Montenegro – Cuando Oigo Sonar La Caja (Ruido Selecto Rmx) [Folcore + Fertil Discos]

Folcore, the label of fused, organic rhythms and mixtured sounds experiences from Barcelona and Fertil Discos from Argentina are about to release a compilation of remixes of the excellent LP ¨El Camino de Leda¨, the tribute to Leda Valladares where several artists reinterpret their folk songs in an electronic concept with guest singers.

The song by Barda and Celeste Gomez Machado has already been released with a remix by Tribilin Sound, an organic house downtempo that, with güero and warm stubs, are very entertainingly accompanying the beautiful voice of ¨Las Hojas Tienen Mudanza¨.

The greats Klik & Frik put sound and rhythm to the version of ¨Adios Mi Pueblito de Iruya¨ by El Remolon and Barbara Silva adding flutes, shakers and percussive triplets mixed with liquid modulations that make the song very danceable.

Life Can Dance exclusively premieres the Ruido Selecto remix to the original version of the fascinatings Tremor together with the singer Soema Montenegro for the song ¨Cuando Oigo Sonar la Caja¨

Flutes, charango strings and snares are mixed with clap clicks, marking a slow, tired and lysergic rhythm that carries a bass that makes dense and heavy slides. The beautiful voice of Soema shines again in intonations that relate her to the best Argentine folk performances.

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