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Review + Lfcndnc Premiere † Metaman – Antigone’s Stasimon (Athens Computer Underground Remix) [Inside Out Rec]

The London based label Inside Out Records strikes again with an outstanding only vinyl release. ‘Irina Remixed’  is based on the Greek producer Metaman’s original album “Irina” featuring the elegant and mysterious vocals of Lena Platonos. The rising star The Economist delivers an electro acid version with trippy percussions and arps. The label bosses Stevie R & Parisinos go slower to take you higher exploring more hypnotic rhythms and acid textures to support the magic storytelling by Lena’s vocals. Breakin Moves creates a repetitive and experimental version of ‘The Battle of Perugia’. And last but not least, our pick, the Athens Computer underground remix of Antigone’s Stasimon. We are in the breaking point of this great release. Everything gets faster, it’s time to go back to the roots of the old school Detroit electro sound. The Athenian producer delivers a magnificent acid raw reinterpretation. 

Life Can Dance premiere for Antigone’s Stasimon (Athens Computer Underground Remix)

Inside Out Records is not fooling around. Each release seems to be a laboratory experimentation. Organic sounds mixed with electronics, downtempo, electro old school, trascendental vocals, Rebetronica sound, Anatolian touch, dark atmospheres or acid. Everything could happen with these guys. 

What can we say? Greeks do it better!

El rufián melancólico. 

‘Irina remixed’ will be out on November 20th.

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