Life Can Dance Premiere Bonkers Samuel Lupian Ulises Arrieta

Lfcndnc Premiere † Samuel Lupian – Saint Return (Ulises Arrieta Remix) [Bonkers]

Samuel Lupian, Dj & Producer originally from Oaxaca, MX the land of mezcal release Framed his new reference in Bonkers Records. The entire Ep is a combination of trippy voices, dark synths, fast beats & hypnotic percussions that creates a unique listening and sensory experience.
Life Can Dance advance the remix by Ulises Arrieta for the track Saint Return. An intensive kick off the chairs that takes flight and never let you go. At the same time narcotic and serious, it has all the elements to take to the dancefloor in a roam through hidden and dark places without losing elegance.

OUT 30 November 2020

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