life can dance review premiere steve pepe vivere diagonale

Review & Premiere † Steve Pepe – Vivere In Diagonale [Inside Out Records]

Inside Out Records welcomes Steve Pepe to they family. After his first release “Danza Moderna” on Hivern Discs, Manuel Cascone (Steve Pepe’s real name) has continued sending shockwaves in the experimental music scene with his album “2020” on Macadam Mambo, as well as a few other singles on key Hivern Discs compilations.

“Vivere in Diagonale” is his new album, experimental to the core, exploring the margins, going thru the “diagonals”. Raw, minimal and concrete. A collection of musical pieces in deconstruction hard to describe in words. As a mix of the spirit The Residents blended with the Selected Ambient Works of Aphex Twins and tuned in the indie-dance style of timbric sounds pallet. Sometimes a patchwork of textures and rythms, sometimes a nice harmony of a beatiful landscape, for sure you will enter the beautiful mind and soul of Steve Pepe.

Life Can Dance premieres the beatiful and misterious track Spezie and hypnotic trip around different weirdos sound paths in cosmic spaces.

Release date on the equinox, the beginning of Autumn, 22 September.

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