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LFCNDNC Premiere † Green Hills – Doomscrolling [Amplio Espectro]

Life can Dance release a new premiere coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The track Doomsrolling by Green Hills aka Ismael Pinkler, half of the electronic duos Carisma, Dissmentado and Mezcla.  A Repetitive-Dub-Cheesy-Ambient-Ethereal-Jungle record made with loops easily found on the web but woven and manipulated with great subtlety creating a great patchwork of fusion of styles. This short album is about learning while chilling in a very Amplio Espectro way. 

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Release Date: August 14, 2020

Produced by Ismael Pinkler.

Artwork by Carisma

Label: Amplio Espectro

World Wide Distribution: Kompakt