Life Can Dance Premiere Lfcndnc Dannie Fade Friendly Chaos

Lfcndnc Premiere † Dannie Fade – Friendly Chaos (Original Mix) [Esthetique]

Dannie Fade is a Vilnius based music producer and DJ. Dannie produces EBM/Electro and Dark Disco music with dark, ambient and atmospheric elements. His aim is to shock a listener by making unexpected turns in his production.

Life Can Dance premieres this piece of slow electro. A leather jacket melancholy that drives in crusiing speed across a neon city. The track starts with a nice piano melody in a synth-wave dark mood. Then becomes complex modulations variatons to pass to a punchy percussive rythm and rugged bass texture that transforms it in and industrial EBM. Finally a bridge to the original first melody. An end to the journey, stepping on the brake to slow down to that final cigarette smoking on the full moon bluish by heavy clouds.

Release date : 2020/07/12

Buy it HERE at Esthetique Bandcamp