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After Altamont interview + A Strange Wedding remix premiere

After Altamont is the band alias of the London-based Greeks Stevie R and Parisinos. Back in 2017 they released the debut album An Animal Orchestra, introducing an amazing blend of psychedelic rock, Greek folk influences, dub and techno. Now, almost four years after, they present an amazing Remixed EP with some of the most talented artists of the scene like Zombies in Miami, Tolouse Low Trax, Mr. TC, Anatolian Weapons, Gina Breeze and we premiere the A Strange Wedding remix for the track “Scoring for Fools”

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Out 19th Feb

We had a lovely chat with the rising star label honchos of Inside Out Records. Let’s see what they have to tell us. 

Hello guys, first of all we would like to know more about the After Altamont project. When did you start? What were you thinking at that moment? And why did you decide to release a remix pack four years after? 

Stavros – After Altamont was a band / alias I originally imagined in 2014 alongside Towdie Kamp, aimed at having a creative output for more experimental, psychedelic rock music, not necessarily bound by the rules and restrictions of club music. The music was created from analog electronics, live instrumentation & vocal recordings. We fuse elements of soulful trip hop, psychedelic rock and techno, blended with traditional greek folk music. The band organically stopped making music after the album (although we are all close friends); this project was re-imagined after I met Constantinos, when we started making music together last year. 

Constantinos – I met Stavros in 2018 and since then we share a very special friendship but we also have a great musical connection. We have been making music together for about a year, as Stevie R & Parisinos but also After Altamont. We decided to continue the After Altamont alias as its root idea is something that attracts both of us; we will be using this alias for our more experimental music and live performances, aiming to bring diverse sounds and visuals together. 

This EP has an exquisite line up. What’s your goal with it? 

Stavros – After a late-night jamming session earlier in the year, we were listening to the original album (that took almost two years in the making), and remembered some of the great sounds, hard work and recordings that went into that project. We decided that very night we would invite artists and friends we admire to add their own hypnotic grooves and touches on the original tracks – Constantinos led this vision and remix project and we are really proud of the release and these re-creations. 

How is your creation process as a duo? 

Constantinos – This has definitely changed during the pandemic, since before this crazy year jamming sessions for the initial ideas were very frequent. Stavros is the more technical and musical of the two, being a sound engineer and musically trained. He usually focusses on the sound design of interesting textures and initial recordings of Greek folk melodies using live instruments and vocals, and I usually focus on the arrangement and work on the groove, percussions and sampling. Then there is usually multiple sending and receiving of dropbox Ableton files until both of us are happy (we are both perfectionists with the music); we like to meet usually for the final mixdown, or at least both be happy with it, and then Stavros does the final mastering at the studio. 

What’s your favourite synth and why? 

Stavros – This is an impossible question, but we use the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 and Korg MS-20 probably the most. 

I feel that anything I say about the Prophet won’t make it justice. The fact that it has the heart of a Prophet 5 and is further enhanced with modern characteristics speaks volumes. It is by far the most ‘expensive’ sounding synthesizer I have worked with; its versatility and tonal quality is second to none. As Sound on Sound said on their review “it’s surprisingly versatile and sounds a million dollars”. That really sums it up. 

The MS-20 is a very different beast; pretty much the opposite of the Prophet in terms of character. ‘The lady and the tramp’ comes to mind when thinking about those two next to each other. But we’ve had good times with the tramp.. It’s fair to say that it still is my most used synthesizer. It is nasty, aggressive, unpredictable and when you push it just the right amount, it will give you those tones that you can’t really get from any other machine and those who know will say ‘that’s an MS-20 right here’. 

Constantinos – In terms of drum synths, the Vermona DMR1 MKIII has a special place in our heart, and we have a Pulsar-23 from Soma laboratories on the way! 

Let’s go back a bit. How and why did you create Inside Out Records? 

Stavros – I created Inside Out Records as my imprint way back in 2012, with a focus to always promote young artists and underground music, independent of genres. In January 2020, Constantinos joined the label – apart from a brotherly friend, he is an obsessive record collector and tastemaker, and since then, we have continued to release sounds that keep pushing sonic boundaries but took a decision to really focus on experimental music that challenges the listener. We always like working with friends and nice people too and want to create lasting relationships with other artists, it makes the hard work so much more worth it.

We return to the present. What has been your favourite dish in these times of quarantine? 

Stavros – I love “Gemista”, cooked by my wife, a Greek dish, cooked vegetables stuffed with a mix of rice and herbs. Constantinos – I will always go back to a freshly grilled fish, garnished with olive oil, lemon, and garlic; reminds me of my home and the sea in Cyprus. 

What music are you listening to at home nowadays? 

Stavros – I have always listened to non-club music at home, mainly progressive rock and old Greek folk music. Nothing has changed over the years, I still listen to these genres for personal pleasure. 

Constantinos – I listen to music whenever I possibly can, across also genres. I tend to dig through discogs, youtube and bandcamp these days and support as many artists as possible. I am interested in slower rhythms, interesting percussive textures with break patterns, so I am naturally attracted to artists such as Tolouse low Trax, Vladimir Ivkovic, MR TC, Lena Willikens, Alicia Carrera, Black Merlin, Andrew Weatherall – too many more to name. 

If we take a look on the label releases and your own productions, psychedelic textures and experimental soundscapes seem to be two strong concepts. What is your source of inspiration beyond music? Writers? Visual Artists? Film Directors? Mushrooms? Everything is possible here. 

Stavros – For my music projects, and particularly for the After Altamont project, the “inspiration” were paradoxically my personal life challenges during the time of the recordings; somehow those difficult times turned into creativity with an album that people may hopefully enjoy listening to. 

Constantinos – I am really inspired by artists in the true sense of the word, who want to create experiences that use sound, light, art, and movement (or all of these together) to create a mesmerising transcendence. I found contemporary dance performances composed by Hofesh Shechter encapsulate all the above. Berghain as a space, a community, and what it represents will always be a personal inspiration. 

Finally, what news can you tell our readers about what’s coming in your projects? 

We are preparing an After Altamont album this year as well as setting up a live performance for when the pandemic is finally under control, ongoing projects as Stevie R & Parisinos too, so it will be a busy few months!

You can listen all the Inside Out Records music here