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My Landing Music #002 by Carisma

The duo Carisma from our beloved Buenos Aires shares this beautiful new installment in the My Landing Music series.

Carolina and Ismael give us a tour around different soundscapes where they show their most ambient side and love for broken rhythms. Ethereal, simple and complex at the same time, with rich textures and gravity mental states.

Be saved gems taken from here and there starting from Tel Aviv with Olsvanger, passing through Japan with Guzz, going to the USA with Leonce, then to Lisbon with Violet and a track from her new album in Dark Entries, going down to Chile with a recent song by Guarjol that inevitably invites to dance to Australia with Vanessa Worm and one of her ambient pieces from her recent album on Optimo Music to the renowned duo of the French based in London Ivan Smagghe together with Rupert Cross with a song of they intrinsic album on Offen Music, the label by Vladimir Ivkovic.

Several sophisticated pieces by artists to be investigated such as Flug8, Buttechno or or The Primitive Painter also known as Alter Ego or Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke for the reissue of the pair’s 1994 classic self-titled album of sonorous IDM. Various Argentine composers taken from the precious quarry of the South as Carola Bony, Ana Helder, Rumanians and a song from their own label recently released Amplio Espectro that they declare will only edit for one year, and a closing again returning to an environmental passage of the creator of exquisite pieces Ulises Conti.

To prepare the awake listening time and play this trip.

Illustration by Marina Marchesotti.

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