A selection of that early musical influences that are still forging you

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Music In My Veins #001 – Marc Houle

Today we open our blog and we do it with firm step because we are proud that a reference in the electronic scene like Marc Houle has joined the call for the cause of our online music fanzine. 

Marc gives us the first selection for the Music In My Veins concept that explores the artists’ first musical influences. Having fulfilled the description and understanding the melomaniac concept of the blog where beyond the news we want to publish music of all times and styles, reviewing where the sources that inspire musicians and producers come from at different times.

Give play to this untamed journey that passes through the Initial electronica like Model 500, Depeche Mode from the early era, rock with Van Halen to Black Sabbath, pop on its more synth side with Yazoo or Prince and delightful ambient compositions by Aphex Twin and Phillip Glass. 

Thank you Marc for sharing a bit of your musical origins! 

You are a great person and you are especially appreciated for these acts.

Illustration by Luke Lattanzio. Watch his amazing works at Instagram @lukelattanzio

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