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Tushen Raï – Hard Fist † The 9 Key Points + Juan To Tree Premiere

1. Place of origin, where you were born and where you currently live.  3 places you love in the world.

I was born in Orleans, at 100km below Paris, in the city of Jeanne D’arc and the area of kings castles. A strange city where the maghrebian and black African diasporas who didn’t find a place in the busy capital cohabit with the old French conservative bourgeoisie. Now I’m living in Lyon,  a city that I found in love with more than seven years ago. The capital of « Gaules », of Gastronomie, crossed by two wonderful rivers, bordered by two hills, and next to the high mountain of the Alps. You should come and visit us guys, it’s a really nice place. 

3 places I love in the world ? 

– Bukit Lawang in Sumatra, Indonesia. The most luxuriant primitive forest I’ve ever visited in my life where I had the chance to met our grand brothers the Orang Outangs. 

– Cazoules in Dordogne, France, where my parents have a home and where you can find the best truffle mushrooms in the world.

– My district, La Guillotière in Lyon, which was historically the home of the humans not allowed to cross the Rhône river by taking the bridge. First, the district been built by the plague victims of 1628, and much later, it has been a home for many Algerian’s families leaving their country after the war in the 60’s. Now it’s the most cosmopolitan district of Lyon and from my point of view, one of the most « alive » district of the city! And if you are a food addict like me, you can get crazy international dish really traditionally cooked by digging the restaurants of the area. 


 2. 5 things you love passionately, 5 things you hate.

I love : 

– Dogs (especially my dog Oya) / shorturl.at/chiC7

– Traveling the world to eat and dig records on the way (I know, for a Dj it’s not super original, but as I’ve never stopped doing it since 15 years, I consider that it’s important) 

– Cheese  

– Dystopian novels (from T.Chiang to R.Silverberg, R.Barjavel to A.Huxley but in first place, Mr Jules Verne)

– La Danse 

I hate : 

– Injustice

– Gérald Darmanin (but I agree, it’s the same than the 1st) 

– Clubs closed 

– Patriarchy (Same topic than 1st and second), but I love the track « patriarcat » of Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem.  

– Writing melodies in MIDI 

 3. What motivates you to compose music?

I love music. It took long time before I chose to start doing mine because I was really pessimistic regarding my capacities and I was sure to be more useful by supporting other (talented) artists. It’s why I built the label with Cornelius Doctor, why I chose to be a music booker for festivals and clubs. But my man Cornelius Doctor put me in the studio, and pushed me for producing my own music. That’s great and I’m grateful to him for doing it, as thanks to him, I got the fact that you do music for yourself in first place, to have fun, to experiment, TO PLAY and it’s what I do now. Sometimes stuff go out, sometimes not, but I play and I like it. 

 4. Top 5 of your artistic influences.

– Andrew Weatherall 

– King Tubby & Lee Perry 

– Luis Buñuel (L’âge d’or – 1930, one of my all time favorite movie) 

– Matisse 

Patrick Liegibel (radio producer of thriller fictions on French national radio, I think I’ve listened each of his shows 50 times) 

 5. Top 5 songs you love.

– King Tubby – Murderous Dub

– Serge Gainsbourg – L’anamour 

– Celine Gillain – I Can’t Connect 

– Hugo TSR – Coma Artificiel

– CV Vision – Tropical Tune In

 6. Tell us about your latest release.  Motivation and musical concept.

La Danse #2 is the second digital compilation of a series from international talented producers we support and love. 

Following our heart and taste for mixed influences and creed, La Danse is a tribute to the dance floor mixing together organic works in order to bring new energy in clubs. We hope this second volume will bring back our dance floors to life. From la Danza de los Voladores during Mesoamerican rituals to the Maenads in Greek mythology, dancing is part of social life from the outset, and will always be.

Because dancing frees body and mind – because club culture is essential – this compilation series preaches for an uninhibited and uncontrolled dance. There is only one motto « dance or get lost! »

 7. What do you hope your artistic work will give you back?

Happiness, curiosity and good times with good people. 

 8. A book that you recommend.

« The Unbearable Lightness of Being » of Milan Kundera.

 9. What is the meaning of life?

« La Danse »

Lfcndnc Premiere † Juan To Tree – Vasija from La Danse #2 Compilation at Hard Fist Records

Out 22th April

Buy it at Hard Fist Bandcamp