SHKEMA – The 9 Key Points

Lots of people in Vilnius has heard stories about Shkema, but few have actually seen him. Probably because after four days at work in the theatre, he prefers spending rest of the week in a studio session with his magic cloak and four mysterious masks. True ambassador of bohemian life, captain of the night singing in three different languages and one of them is imaginary.

Now, taking advantage of the release of his debut Ep on the Roe Deers‘ new label Good Skills, we talk with him about his 9 key points.

1. Place of origin, where you were born and where you currently live.  3 places you love in the world.

I was born in Vilnius, the place of living has never changed yet, however, you never now what’s next.
Places I love are Avignon in France, Guangzhou in China and Seaside of Lithuania.

2. The 5 things you love passionately and the 5 things you hate.


Silence when I really need it.
Driving at night
Cozy beach
The moment Aircraft is taking off the ground
Walking in an unknown place, preferably a bigger city


barking dogs, for me it sounds the same as shouting people with no reason.
Waking up in the heated tent after night
When someone says that music leads the most important role in life
The last day of the summer
2.0 usb flash 

3. What motivates you to compose music?

Nowadays motivation topic is trending because it is something vital, especially to artists who create a thing which does not exist – art. Sometimes I jealously look to the architects or engineers and believe that they do not have any problems with motivation, considering the fact they had or currently have a touch on very unique public projects. Speaking about myself, motivation is always an ongoing process. I compare it to the traveling in the desert with a limited amount of water. One could survive without any water for a limited time, thus it consumes a lot of power resources and you must refill your tanks if you want to get out of there alive. And then question comes up – where should I get this motivational water from? My Answer could be other stories from other people and one’s routine. There is another source like personal achievements and already created works. However, the main source of motivation is my personal mistakes.

4. Top 5 of your artistic influences.

In my childhood and adolescence I had only one artist who was incredible and adorable to me. His name is Freddy Mercury. Some time later I added to my list another British music genius David Bowie. I would also add an abstraction of mistakes and bad examples. I think that is all for the moment, nothing else comes up to my mind.

5. Top 5 songs you love.

       Stone roses – i wanna be adored

       Aphex twin – Xtal

       Elton John – rocket man

       David bowie – lazarus

       Ron gallo – all The Punks Are domesticated

6. Tell us about your latest release.  Motivation and musical concept.

The Ep consisting of two parts is an abstract of my last 5 years of work in the studio. During this time I distinguished the idea that vocal is not for me, which I brought from the past. Consequently, all of this has created a natural weirdness which passes by all classical canons. I am in the opposite of Everything what is usual. Maybe I am not good enough in creating let’s so called ‘usual’ stuff?

While creating back in my studio, I use live sounds from different sources which I later manipulate to. Being a self learner and limited instrumentalist is a great advantage to me. You never know how the words and sounds will come to its assigned place. It is very unique every time. In my opinion, Success is not to play ideally but to catch the spark by coincidence while playing any random thing like a guitar, full glass of water, or a strange spiral bowl with strings attached (honestly. i have no idea of how it is called).

Why such a name? The Ep “Kronikos” or “chronicles” is a mixture of non related stories. In comparison to that I Imagine a regular TV News or a show containing a great variety of stories like travel news, philosophies or just simple criminals.

7. What do you hope your artistic work will give you back?

The main thing which complicates and tricks the most is having expectations. It is better to focus on the short term and do not think about the long term success and future. Nevertheless, I wish to have my own island.

8. A book that you recommend.

It has been ages I haven’t found any book that I would fall in love with, or frankly I have not been searching for it. Maybe because I was reading too much in my adolescence. However, I would truly recommend Heiner Rank – “The powerlessness of the Almighty” and George Orwell – “1984″

 9. What is the meaning of life?

It is an oxymoron. Purpose of life exists or vice versa but it’s only on our minds. I find it the same as with the arts. We humans are empowered to create our own meanings everywhere, however, nobody says it is easy but if one does not find it, maybe there is no purpose in life?

The Shkema new release on Good Skills is out now!