Mundo D – The 9 Key Points

Life Can Dance is pleased to have the Valencian producer Mundo D in the 9 key points.
A few days after his new release ‘Tone Charge’ for the Barcelona label Side Up Works. A solid EP with great remixes of Mexican Colossio and Sexy Dinosaurs from outer space boss Celestino. Mundo D also made an excellent exclusive mix for LCD. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

 1. Place of origin, where you were born and where you currently live.  3 places you love in the world.

I was born in Valencia (Spain) and I live here too. My three favorite places are valencia, the south of spain and of course my home

 2. 5 things you love passionately, 5 things you hate.

The five things that I am most passionate about are my family, my friends, eating well, doing some sports and of course music.
The five things I hate the most are, being excused, the reggaeton, the cloudy sky, not having time in the study and the lack of professionalism.

 3. What motivates you to compose music?

My motivation to make music is to think that someone likes it and makes them dance.

 4. Top 5 of your artistic influences.

I’ve always paid attention to a lot and I think that somehow formations like underworld or fluke have influenced me. Lately I pay attention to artists like Curses, Rigopolar or Chinaski.

 5. Top 5 songs you love.

Underworld – Born Slippy

Underworld – Dirty Guitar

Fluke – Tosh

Moby – That’s When I Reach For My Revolver

Underworld – Cowgirl

 6. Tell us about your latest release.  Motivation and musical concept.

Well, it motivated me a lot to prepare something for the side up works label, it is a label that I particularly like a lot. the concept was to do something that although it can be classified as indie, it is very personal.

 7. What do you hope your artistic work will give you back?

What I expect from my work is already giving back to me, and it is as I have said before that people can enjoy it just like me.

 8. A book that you recommend.

Well, what I recommend is not a specific book, I recommend reading, whatever it is, a book, a comic …

 9. What is the meaning of life?

For me the meaning of life is to be happy, with what makes you happy, without disturbing anyone.
I think we have an obligation to try to be happy.

The Mundo D’s new release on Side UP Works is out now!