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Interview Teniente Castillo – Play Pal 8th Anniversary

What are your musical roots and how did you come to electronic music and want to be a professional DJ?

I have listened and do listen to many different styles of music, I like classical music, soul, some jazz, rock & roll from the 50’s and 60s, disco from the 70s, all the ‘synth wave’ and post punk current from the 80’s, a lot of pop and rock stuff too, I listen to practically everything.

And as far as electronic music goes to, I always liked dance music but it was in the early – mid 90’s when I definitely saw it was the kind of music that really caught my attention. coinciding with one of the best moments, if not the best, of the scene in Madrid, in terms of clubs, sound systems, dj’s, music. The curiosity about being a DJ, I think I had it even before I knew I did. It was what caught me the most. I soon started buying vinyl, from there to wanting to know how to mix them and from there to taking the leap of doing it in public

How did you get to the sound you wanted to develop as a producer and how was Play Pal Music born?

Naturally, within the limitations of learning on the fly but trying to apply the same filter and taste I have for music in general and also as a DJ, to what I’m producing, and understanding it’s a process that never ends. As in everything, you improve with the hours spent but the progression and learning are constant.

Play Pal was born from a personal inquisitiveness to do more things related to electronic music, from having met many artists over the years and from the desire and possibility of publishing new music. Also from having worked in distribution at a vinyl store in Madrid and have gotten to know the industry from that side.

How would you define what you do with the label?

I publish music I like, regardless of whether it is from someone more or less known, although I do usually work with the artists with whom I have the most personal affinity. Nor pay attention to what style or subgenre the tracks are, we publish music to listen at home or in the car, music to play at clubs at the beginning of the night or at the end, there is room for almost everything, within the sound or sounds of the label.

What was it that you got from having your own label in these years?

Especially having met many artists, some already friends, with whom I have been able to share a showcase or do different types of collaborations and also the pleasure it gives to publish and share new music that people from all over can enjoy and follow what it is being released.

Recommend 5 of your favorite tracks and they don’t have to be electronic music

1) Dire Straits ‘Brothers in Arms’

2) Beethoven Piano Concert Nº 5

3) Ray Charles ‘Georgia on my Mind’

4) Antenna ‘Song For Udmurtia’

5) Röyksopp ‘The Alcoholic’

What does it mean for you to produce music, mix it live and make people dance?

Connecting with people when you are playing music, having the same feeling and prolonging that connection and journey for hours, is one of the most stimulating things I have experienced in my life. The feeling you get making music and seeing it reaches people, is similar or even greater, because you are creating something that did not exist “5 minutes ago” and that “something” is causing an emotion in other people.

How do you see the future of the electronic scene, do you see light at the end of the road?

Yes, totally, it seems that as of this summer they might let us work with restrictions and by autumn-end of the year we’ll practically be functioning normally or almost. Let’s hope nothing else happens because everyone is already too on the edge.

To celebrate the 8th anniversary Play Pal put together a two volume compilation, choosing thirty tracks they feel sound as good today as ever and which have helped define the sound of the label during these eight years.

Hope you enjoy the ride through out these eight years of music.

Yu can Buy the music at Play Pal Bandcamp