life can dance interview mix a-tweed not so obvious

Interview A-Tweed + Not So Obvious Mix

The 9 key points of Life Can Dance

1. Place of origin, where you were born and where you currently live. 3 places you love in the world.

I was born in Campobasso, the Teruel of Italy (they say it does not exist) in the region of Molise (Molisn’t) 🙂

Now I have been in Rome for 7 years after living in many cities in Italy and also in Spain (Granada).

The places I love the most in the world? Surely the Highlands in Scotland, Naples and its madness and also everything related to the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.

2. 5 things you love passionately, 5 things you hate.


my girlfriend Serena, doing roadtrips by car, pregio wine, synthesizers, Napoli football matches


the unmotivated hype in the music, the very strong smells, that they judge me without knowing me, the food that has vinegar, the traffic of Rome

3. What motivates you to compose music?

I’ve been a DJ for many years but very few as a producer, the truth is that if I like something I become a super nerd right away. So this happened to me with the production of electronic music, I started little by little and now I can’t stop. Also with the lockdown theme I had the opportunity to study a lot and improve myself and it was the best thing I did in my life in recent years together with quitting smoking 🙂

4. Top 5 of your artistic influences.

Tom Waits, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Fela Kuti

5. Top 5 songs you love.

Steely Dan – My Old School

John Martyn – Over The Hill

José Larralde – Quimey Neuquén (Chancha Vía Circuito remix)

Kraftwerk – Europe Endless

Aaron Neville – Hercules

6. Tell us about your latest release. Motivation and musical concept.

“Pahoehoe” is an EP dedicated to all the elements of nature that fascinated me as a child, I always went with books that talked about volcanoes, dinosaurs and geography atlases. It was my way of traveling and giving freedom to my curiosity. And now when I started making music I told myself that all this could have been a cathartic way of recovering childhood and all the interests that over time I had to give up a bit for study and work.

The truth is that it is something that is sitting very well for me and musically I love playing with different styles, crazy percussions and synthetic modulations that however seem to have something to do with nature and organic sounds.

Maybe soon I’ll make another album recovering another song, I love concepts 😉

7. What do you hope your artistic work will give you back?

More passion and curiosity. I feel lucky enough for what is happening to me and I just want to continue like this and learn more every day.

Well, I’m really looking forward to playing live and I hope to be able to play at festivals and clubs soon, yes 🙂

8. A book that you recommend.

Barney’s version of Mordechai Richler

9. What is the meaning of life?

“Love is the lesson to learn in our time” said John Martyn in the song “May you never”, I think so, because it might seem obvious and banal, in the end love is the true meaning of life.