Our highly depurated selection of  all around the world special underground dj’s giving a mixed story that doesn’t fall in the common places

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Not So Obvious #005 – Mytron & Ofofo

Mytron & Ofofo burst onto the scene recently, but they quickly made themselves heard and highlighted with a very own personality. In a mixture of sound stripped by an intense search, two experienced musicians reaching a new synthesis where they decide to be complexly rustic timbrally to highlight the musical qualities intrinsic to the composition. Giving the songs touches of native music, a certain vintage tinge and percussively ancestral music. But at the same time giving it a lot of rhythm, groove, syncopation and danceability. Disco is always present subliminal and underhandedly.

Here they present us a mix where they leave their own personal zone created to show different sound influences but with current releases. Highly danceable is a mix of different disco derivations, strong kicks, groove-bulldozer basses, instrumentations, strings, expansive flying synths, acid modulations, furtive percussions, cheering up voices. An explosive cocktail for unusual places and a careful recondite selection. Not suitable for conservatives or closed minds.

Close your eyes and let yourself go on an ecstatic journey.

Illustration by the one and only Oldemar Cimadoro