Our highly depurated selection of  all around the world special underground dj’s giving a mixed story that doesn’t fall in the common places

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Not So Obvious #002 – Mr TC

Mr. TC, one of our favorite producers in the Scottish lands defines what takes a walk in an uncertain, cloudy, tenebrous place is. As through the mist, dense and gloomy tracks make their way, moving slowly like a barge through a dark channel at night. Going through moments of calm dub, others of seduction with siren songs, some sounds disorientations that leave us perplexed, other rhythms that ignite an on the sly snake up dance and give us a light of shiny hope. 

This trip seems to describe Scotland’s landscapes, industrial cuts, waves crashing against the cliffs of the fjords and meadows watered by the rains of the highlands.

An exceptional immersive journey for intrepid ears that don’t settle for little.

Illustration by Oldemar Cimadoro