Our highly depurated selection of  all around the world special underground dj’s giving a mixed story that doesn’t fall in the common places

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Not So Obvious #001 – Alvaro Cabana

At last we begin our series of mixes, where we will have incredible guests who will delight us with their elaborate gems kept in beautiful pandora boxes. In this search is that we went for those djs that we know have a good musical background, those melomaniacs that collect findings meticulously selected among the pajonal.

That is why we went for Alvaro Cabana, head of the Rotten City label and a musical pillar of the city of Madrid. Alvaro delights us with a selection that, although it demonstrates its substance and where it comes from, does not fall into any obvious place, making this mixture an exquisite route that will provoke the dance even if it is not proposed.

Awake listening is a compromised roam.

Dancing is a sacred matter.

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