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review: tolouse low trax – jumping dead leafs?

Tolous Low Trax’s 4th album is coming out on Bureau B, the honorable Hamburg label that is giving a privileged place to German synth wave. We thought it appropriate to review it given the importance that Detlef Weinrich’s work has for us, one of our favorites from Dusseldorf, member of the Kreidler group and outstanding resident of the mythical Salon des Amateurs.

¨Jumping Dead Leafs?¨ begins with a mechanical downtempo, like a march of robots that we will later see transformed into a constant concept of the álbum. Rough and minimal but with wooden and wet elements.

Immersive, at the same time intimate but essentially universal. Paradoxically it appears tribal and static but mechanistic, in an ancestral engineering. TLT always managed to be sculptural in his compositions, he have the weight of stone, metal and wood but looking for ethereal forms that denote spiritual searches. Like a krautrock that has the influences of Einsturzende Neubauten but with the dark tribality of Dead Can Dance. The symphony of a hybrid consciousness of humans and machines, and their cerebral enthalpy.

This is an integral work where it seems that TLT is looking for a synthesis, few elements in which he fully trusts and gives them their place without over ornamentation.

With the elegant romantic decadence of an aceta finally carried away by certain occasional vicissitudes. Sober in its formality of components, but creating a complex system of simple interactions from which lysergy emerges in the sum of the parts.

A music that is not an object but a subject, which suspends us in doubtful thought and also observes us. Dubs of an indeterminate time, of smoking a cigar watching people go by, a crane raising cargo to a building, trucks entering the port, the patient wait …

This could be the soundtrack of a documentary an anthropologist of the future to observe the activity of post-digital societies. Folklore for artificial intelligence robots, an intuitive reminder of dancing encounters for humans.

Raw and attractive, if there is one thing that stands out about D.W. it is being authentic, a search for style within an increasingly well-defined dogma of its own.

So that you can listen it and these are not only words, here we advance one of the tracks that we liked the most: ¨Milk in Water¨.

Out on September 11th, 2020.

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