Our highly depurated selection of  all around the world special underground dj’s giving a mixed story that doesn’t fall in the common places

kolago kult not so obvious mix life can dance

Not So Obvious #009 – Kolaĝo Kult

Setting you on a path of sound enlightenment. The Kolaĝo Kult will illuminate your mind in untold tales of parallel pasts and imagined futures transcending cultures and genres.
Creating a collage of music and art for all the beautiful creatures of the night.
The night brings the latest and strangest in psychedelic rareties, afrobeat gems, disco re-edits, and electronic-sonic explorations – all set against as a continually changing collage.
Productions focus on psychedelic infused tribal percussion led journeys through time and space.

Thanks Owen, Alec & Ben!

Cover Art by Overrated Chini

Roam to the unknown. Yes different is good!