A selection of that tracks that makes you feel something deeply sensitive and touching

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Goosebumps #002 – Barrio Lindo

Barrio Lindo is one of our favorite composers in Argentina of that movement that was born as electronic cumbia to become cataloged as andestep and that no longer resists many labels since fusions and influences come and go everywhere. But what can be distinguished for sure is not being house disguised with poncho and folk sounds.

Today, living in Lisboa, he runs the Shika Shika label that doesn´t stop to sold out vinyl stock and producing nutritious and leafy music. Agustin demonstrates in this curated selection that his spectrum is wide and that he is moved by topics of all kinds, discover him and let yourself be carried away by this particularly inrospective journey.

Illustration by Boris Dulon / Instagram > @vjovideo

Thanks guys!

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