A selection of that tracks that makes you feel something deeply sensitive and touching

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Goosebumps #001 – Chancha Via Circuito

If we have today in Argentina an artist of international scope that unites electronics with autochthonous sounds from southern Latin America, that is Chancha Via Circuito. Pedro is a charming person that we have known for many years and who has been carrying a very beautiful line of dance releases with a defined identity. It is a pleasure that he becomes part of the blog launch making the first participation in our playlists, a selection of those songs that produce Goosebumps due to their special sensitivity

Illustration by Boris Dulon Instagram > @vjovideo

Goosebumps is represented through a trip to San Pedro, waking up in a moment of life makes your hair stand up as if they were being absorbed by the universe, this search when it starts there is no turning back, it only offers us a full trip of love like the playlist. In this trip we discover ourselves beyond our interior, we discover ourselves no longer being us but the whole. The entity of light shown is made up of human-made looms, deep prayers that envelop, protect and liberate us.
Thanks for allowing me this trip,

Thanks guys! <3

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